Lunatic climate change scientists now pushing “outlandish, scary” geoengineering schemes to “cool the planet”

The terms “global warming” and “climate change” are part of a broader agenda to justify the ambitions of the global elite who want to openly unleash geoengineering experiments over the Earth’s skies.

In order to get support for this Machiavellian endeavor, the public needs to be convinced that a large-scale climate problem is developing — that the Earth’s temperature is rising uncontrollably. This deception is easy to accomplish by using cherry-picked temperature data and sensationalist scare tactics.

Secondly, people need to feel guilty for being the cause of so-called global warming, then shamed if they do not agree with the theory. If you don’t believe in this monstrosity called climate change, then you are called “anti-science”. Your every exhale of carbon dioxide is considered a burden to the planet, and everyone is to feel guilt for overpopulating the planet.

The third part of the illusion is to convince the public that extreme weather events are the scary consequence of not recognizing that catastrophic “climate change” is real. The few corporations that own the vast media networks in the U.S. can very easily convince the public that global action is needed to fix this destructive “climate change.” The brainwashing is so distinct, that many in the science community now believe that carbon is a toxic molecule that needs to be reduced to near zero levels (even though that would lead to mass death and a die-off of plant life).

Weather events, temperature changes, and seasonal cycles were once just normal events — something people just adapted to. Now, these changes are viewed as some sort of grand cataclysm that requires taxation and intervention, as if the arrogant elite can regulate world temperatures and miraculously save the planet!

Finally, the public needs to be convinced that the answer to this problem is to allow world powers to conduct geoengineering experiments in the skies and in the seas, with chemicals raining down across the land.

Once mocked as just a conspiracy theory, geoengineering is now emerging as the solution to so-called man-made climate change. Harvard University’s David Keith and Antonio Busalacchi of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research are planning to test whether sulfate aerosols can block solar radiation. They are planning a field experiment to shoot sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere. Their goal is to get international support so that the Earth’s stratosphere can be routinely injected with aerosols to block sunlight.

The idea is berserk, outlandish, and a threat to us all. The governments of the world are beckoned to come together – under the Paris Climate Treaty – to find solutions to global warming. The solutions are to tax the people of the planet for their carbon footprint and use that money to inject experimental chemical aerosols into the stratosphere, non-stop, year-round.

The pressure is on to make geoengineering experiments widely accepted. “We are past a point of no return in the quest to avoid dangerous warming,” said Clive Hamilton, the author of 2013’s “Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering” and a professor at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, Australia. “Have we reached the geoengineering tipping point? I don’t see it yet, but it will come.”

Give me a break.

Some geoengineering ideas presented include: Spraying marine clouds with salt water to pale their color and make them reflect more sunlight. Another idea is to inject micro-bubbles into the oceans to reflect more sunlight. Another method is to fertilize the oceans with iron sulphate to stimulate the growth of phytoplankton to pull carbon dioxide from the skies. The most nefarious proposal yet is for planes to inject biological agents into cirrus clouds to thin them out quickly and allow heat to escape.

These lunatic plans to engineer climate are frightening, with dire consequences for human life and ecosystems. The arrogance of scientists and global planners to propose such goals is blood-curdling. At least their plans are now in the open. (For more analysis, visit

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